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OHB - Off Highway Blinds

Tilting, Scissor and Hook-on Blind / Shade for :

Crane cabins
Special vehicles
Forklift cabins
Agricultural machinery

  • 4 weeks delivery time, and sometimes from stock
  • per 15° adjustable bracket

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The OHB hook-in blind is characterizes by its simple design. The grip rod will be fixed at one central or two sidewise hook-in pins.

This roller blind does not need any sidewise guiding rods and can be used in places where it is possible to fix the hook-in pins.

Therefore the OHB hook-in blind is often used in side or rear windows as well as in windows in the roof of cabins of agricultural or construction machinery.
screw-on width (B):
600  // 700 // 800 // 900 // 1000 // 1100 // 1200 mm   

Hook-in pins are included, Fixing material is not included.

The OHB rocker blind can be adjusted steplessly in both directions. Therefore the grip rod is equipped with two clamp elements, which are positioned sidewise on straight or U-bended rods.

The clamp elements tilt through the prevention of the fabric and as a result hold the roller blind in the selected position. Operating the roller blind, the grip rod with clamp elements turns in that way, that the blind can be moved in any desired position without causing any friction.
screw-on width (B):
600  // 700 // 800 // 900 // 1000 // 1100 // 1200 mm   

Fixing material is not included.

The scissor blind is the most popular OHB blind. The roller blind can be adjusted steplessly with its scissor elements. There are not necessary any extra fastening elements.

Therefore the scissor blind is preferably used wherever there is no possibility of fixing any additional hook-in pins or sidewise guiding rods. That is often the case with front screens. Of course the OHB scissor blind can also be used for side and rear windows.

Patented, wear-bridging friction elements ensure the high lifecycle of the OHB scissor blind.
screw-on width (B): 450  // 700 //  900 mm   

Fixing material is not included.

OHB Transparent - OHB Blackout PVC

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The Off-Highway-Blind is a roller blind system constructed in Germany. OHB individually offers the customer the best possible sun and glare protection. The roller blinds are highly versatile, for example for agricultural machinery, construction machinery or special-purpose vehicles.

The used components are designed deliberatly robust, long-lasting and of a high quality. The housing, the tube and grip rods are made out of sturdy aluminum profiles. The housing additionally is anodized. The plastic partsof the "Off-Highway-Blind" are reinforced with glass fibre. The durability was proved by means of various tests.

OHB offers a wide range of standard dimensions to provide each customer with the possibility to find the suitable roller blind for his needs.
- an optimal value for money
- short delivery dates
- constructions by the German market leader


special-purpose vehicles, tractors, harvesters, other agricultural machinery, excavators, crawler tractors, crane cabins, forklift truck cabins and other construction machinery.


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