If you need a seal for an engine hatch, bus hatch, (industrial) windows or doors, in shipbuilding, or do you need a finish in a cabin, ventilation system or trailer, then you have come to the right place. For all these applications and many others, we can advise you on the right rubber profile.

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Sealing profiles

Sealing profiles are rubber profiles, with an extra seal to prevent leakage of air or moisture in, for example, vehicles, ships or (switch) cabinets.

Finishing profiles

Finishing profiles These rubber profiles are also called edge profiles, clamping strip or body profiles. These profiles are mainly used for finishing sharp edges of, for example, metal, plastic or other material.

All types of rubberprofiles

U-profiles, H-profiles and T-profiles are widely used as window, wall or joint sealing. We also supply rubber profiles that are resistant to liquids such as oil and petrol. If you are looking for a rubber profile for an application that falls under FDA regulation (for example food and medical industry), we can advise you on the right TPE or silicone profiles that meet the requirements.

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