Rubber profiles

Rubber is used in many ways and rubber products can be found almost everywhere, without you even noticing. Rhimex specialises in rubber profiles. Whether it concerns sealing rubber, window rubbers or, for example, door seals, we are happy to help you find the right profile for the application you have in mind. We have extensive knowledge of rubber profiles and supply more than 9000 types of profiles from EU stock. If a standard profile does not suffice, we make a custom rubber profile.

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Our rubber profiles at a glance  

Rubber profiles come in all sizes, shapes and materials. This makes it a very versatile product group. For example, there are self-clamping edge profiles, corner profiles, U-profiles and, for example, T-profiles.


Take a look at our rubber profiles here:


What are rubber profiles actually used for?

When using rubber profiles, you can think of steel frames or doors, profiles such as draught strips and also bumpers for a boat. The profiles are used for sealing or finishing. In bodywork, profiles are used for engine hatches and bus hatches. Actually, there are too manytoepassingen to list them all for this versatile product!

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Natural or synthetic rubber?

The name "rubber" comes from the English word for rubbing: "to rub", because of the possibility of rubbing out pencil lines. Rubber is a polymer, an emulsion extracted from rubber trees. This is natural rubber. In 1910, a Russian chemist managed to make a synthetic rubber and after the Second World War, its production took off.

The different synthetic rubber products each have their own specialty. One is resistant to heat, the other is ozone and UV resistant, for example. You can contact us for different rubber materials, such as EPDM, TPE, NBR en siliconen rubberprofiel. We hebben de verschillende materialen op een rij gezet. 

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Rhimex Rubberprofiles

Founder, owner and driving force of Rhimex B.V. is René Hummelman.

René started his career as a young salesman in a company that sold body materials for vans, coaches, buses, etc. His primary interest has always been problem solving for his customers and with his exceptional technical understanding and knowledge of the capabilities of rubber profiles, he has helped many customers.

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